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HometownRant Rental and Renters Blog for Providence, RI

Sleep Tight!

Hey all you homeowners, renters, landlords and ladies, Here at Hometown Rent Rant, we’re trying not to bug out, and you should be too, unless you like spending your hard-earned cash waging war against insect kind on your own home turf. Bedbugs are a huge problem for everyone involved, and if you’re smart you’ll make sure that your house or apartment stays totally uninfested.

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The internet loves them, or at least loves pictures of them. This may be because unlike real cats, you don’t have to feed the pictures and they don’t pee in your house or apartment. In order to take pictures of cats for the internet though, you are going to need a real cat or two, and with great cats come great responsibilities for both renters and landlords.

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Those Noisy Neighbors

We’ve all had them, and at some point or another, usually around 3 a.m. on a Tuesday, most of us have considered going office space all over their stereo. As cathartic as this may sound, it’s a good way to find yourself on the receiving end of legal action, and the old but they just wouldn’t shut the f**k up! defence doesn’t really hold up in court anymore. Here are some ways you can try to get a little peace of mind without all of the messy altercations.

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Things to Consider During Rental Inspection

Landlords tend to hide the faults of their rental properties, hoping to find good tenants for it. However, as tenant, there are a number of things you need to inspect before renting a property. Some of these are:

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